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Happy Kids Live here!

Pizza Night on the Deck

                                    Lots of fun and food for all ages....

Time to hang out together and enjoy each others company....

"Thymely" Poem from Larry...

Plant three rows of peas:
Peas of Mind
Peas of Heart
Peas of Soul.

Plant four rows of squash:
Squash gossip
Squash indifference
Squash grumbling
Squash selfishness

Plant four rows of lettuce:
Lettuce be grateful
Lettuce be faithful
Lettuce be kind to one another
Lettuce be happy

No garden should be without turnips:
Turnip for service when needed
Turnip to listen to and respond to one another
Turnip the music and enjoy life.

Water freely with patience and cultivate with love.
There is much fruit in your garden because you reap what you sow.

Take care of the thyme:
Thymne for appreciation
Thyme for relaxation
Thyme for one another.
- by Anonymous