Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gratitude Poem from Stacy


Gratitude breathes through me.
This is a love poem
to my village.
A love poem
about small, significant kindnesses
and the power inherent in a community
woven with kindness.
The power of a community
where people strive to listen
with open hearts.
This is a love poem for my village
I’ve been in gestation
with this village for 17 months
and now it is born;
just a wee little infant,
a seed Pam and Joe planted
in the fertile soil of our souls,
and we have nurtured it.
We believe in our village
and thus in each other.

This is a litany of gratitudes
For there is so much and so many
to be grateful for and to.
Thank you Susan, Merm and John
for packing up leftovers for Jef and I.
Thanks Peg, you spitfire, for cooking with me on Monday.
Thank you Sabrina, Larry and the Coordination Team
for checking-in that the change you wanted to make
to my opening activity was okay-
it was an improvement on my idea.
Which leads me to Tobias with the strong back
so willing to dig in,
thank you for teaching me the wisdom of
”yes, and…”
I’m practicing, keep reminding us.
To the hours ahead gardening with Barbara, Larry, Linda and Kathleen.
Thank you Kathleen for feeding our cat!
To Joe’s easy laughter and enthusiasm.
To Judith, Scott, Lori and the rest of the Food Team
who have coordinated our awesome feeding frenzies.
To Heather, my first ecovillage buddy,
who gracefully juggles so much, so well.
We’re going to be neighbors!!!!!!!!!
And Dave who embellishes my life with cryptic emails.
To Ken, who show us the wisdom of Patch Adams.
Doug, your southern drawl friendliness warms my ex-southern heart.
John your timing and wit inspire me to feed you chocolates.
Dennis and Anne, painting away.
Barbara cooking meals.
Evelyn, may your joyful zest rub off on me.
Mac and Marilee who give so much, to so many,
all over the world and especially in our village.
Scott, Susan, Keegan and Brooklin,
a family who always makes me smile.
To the Weasels, ferreting their way through Europe,
I look forward to getting to know the family addition.
Don who quietly helps behind the scene.
My Jef, who makes everything in my life work well.
Barbara, who has posted this poem on our blog.
To all of us, currently here or on our way.
Especially the neighbors I have omitted to save space.
To our community,
each facing the traumas and dramas of leaving one life behind,
to create a new one together.
Thank you,
thank you,
thank you!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

National Press for Columbia Ecovillage!

See an article featuring the ecovillage in the latest Sustainable Industries Magazine...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Reflection from villager Jef Murphy

Stacy and I moved into Columbia Ecovillage about 1 month ago, and the first three weeks have been kinda quiet. Only 3 of our households were able to move in, and it's been pretty quiet most of the time. I have been taking the opportunity to walk around the site daily and enjoy the place, and a thought came to me; I was looking at the young buds beginning to pop out on the trees, the tender young bulbs pushing up from the ground, the bright green returning to the grass sprouting up all over, and was struck with the feeling that this is what our Village is going through right now. Our community is sprouting from the winter of construction and is coming to life. We have tended our roots over this winter and are coming out strong and healthy, new life in this old garden, ready to take on the world and show the bright colors of our flowers, the rich bounty we will all share living in this beautiful place. 

Welcome to all of you moving in, or waiting to move, your home awaits, fertile and eager to grow.

New Bike Shelter Completed!


  Here's our new bike shelter, in use. As we all move in, we anticipate a wondrous array of bikes and riders coming together in a riotous celebration of lower carbon footprints! 

Curious about Columbia Ecovillage?

Or just in need of some green ice cream to celebrate St. Patrick's Day? Then come join us tonight, March 17, at Rose's Ice Cream from 6-8 pm to learn more about living in a green cohousing community on an urban organic farm. 
Rose's is located just up the street from the Ecovillage, at 5011 NE 42nd Avenue, easily accessed by the #75 Trimet bus. Homemade ice cream, a slide show, and a bunch of happy faces await. 

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Getting ready for spring!

The ecovillage is taking shape!  Furniture and families are making their way into the units, and a hardy coalition of all ages is working to spruce up the spring landscaping.
Welcome to Columbia Ecovillage!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Columbia Ecovillage opens its doors!

Keys are turning in the doors to Columbia Ecovillage's 37 residences, as community members slowly sign their sales agreements and move in. The excitement and cheer is palpable, after just a little more than a year of building both our community ties and our new homes, which sparkle with sustainable finishes and updated systems. Community dinners are being held twice a week this month in our common farmhouse, which is fast becoming a social hub for members.
Despite the challenges of launching a project just as the economy decided to take its nosedive, and forging the unconventional path of creating an ecovillage within the city limits, Columbia Ecovillage is thriving, a sign that this is a model for the times.
We still have a few studio, two bedroom, and three bedroom units left; for more information on units, prices, and amenities including our organic farm, check out the developer's website. And to learn more about our community's vision and values and how we've formed so far, see the community website.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Building #6??

Linda and Larry's greenhouse arriving via special delivery.